Four months.

My last post was published four months ago. I can’t believe how much lazy I am.
So here I am showing you some lettering I did these past few months, just for fun. Most of them are already on my instagram, follow me if you want: @gioiadeantoniis
Hope you like it!

Lately I’m obsessed by flowers. I usually don’t buy them, I like them more when they’re still planted, but they sure are pretty to have around!


Coffee because of reasons.


Painting rocks is fun. I should do it more.


I still have to watch the new Game of Thrones season. I didn’t like the last two books very much, so I don’t know if I can bear to live everything AGAIN. But dragons are always nice.


Nick Miller is my spirit animal and these words of wisdom are very dear to me.


Sand calligraphy is something I should definitely try again.




OTP Free Desktop Wallpaper

I think I should call this blog “look at me while I’m failing at being a blogger”.
This is my first post of 2015 and it’s February 13th. How wonderful.
I hope you are enjoying this 2015 so far. If not, please hang in there. I swear it will eventually get better.

I’m deep in a floral obession as you can see on my instagram feed, but tomorrow it’s Valentine’s Day and I have something for you today which is not flower-related.
I’m really talented at crying over fictional characters. There’s something in the perfection of some couples that simply breaks me everytime.
This are just some of really famous OTPs (= One True Pairing).
Not all of them lived an happily ever after, but they were in love. And that’s all that matters, right?

♥ CLICK HERE to download the wallpaper



List of OTPs:
Chuck & Blair from Gossip Girl
Danny & Sandy from Grease
Mr Darcy & Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice
Edward & Vivian from Pretty Woman
Buffy & Angel from Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Cher & Josh from Clueless
Jack & Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas
Link & Zelda from The Legend of Zelda
Ross & Rachel from Friends
Jack & Rose from Titanic
Nick & Jess from New Girl
Carrie & Big from Sex and The City
Bridget & Mark from Bridget Jones’ Diary
Dylan & Brenda from Beverly Hills, 90210
Baby & Johnny from Dirty Dancing
Mary & Matthew from Downton Abbey
Willow & Tara from Buffy The Vampire Slayer
James & Lily from Harry Potter
Lily & Marshall from How I Met Your Mother
Cady & Aaron from Mean Girls
Monica & Chandler from Friends


Merry Christmas!

It’s dinner time but I can’t eat anymore: here in Italy we take Christmas Day very seriously and today I ate what I usually ate in three days. You can see the problem here.

My Christmas Countdown is finally over; I’ve upload a picture on instagram everyday from December 1st till now. Thank you for all the kind comments and all the likes! If you don’t follow me on instagram, check out my profile @gioiadeantoniis.

Christmas Countdown

I hope you have spent (or are about to spend) a lovely day with your loved ones!

A Small Gift Guide for Wannabe Artist

Christmas is near and that means PRESENTS! Well, not only presents, of course, but presents are one of the fun parts of the Christmas craziness. Maybe the funniest part actually.

Buying a gift for someone who loves drawing/painting/writing it’s easy: we kind of like everything art related and, if we already have it, it’s very likely that we’ll be running out of it very soon. We like back-ups.

So these are just some ideas that might help you choose a nice gift!



  1. Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Sketchers’ Pocket Box set of 12 – I bought earlier this year and I love it. It’s not too expensive, the quality is very good, it’s small, it comes with a little brush and it’s white and minimal which for me it’s always a plus.
  2. Sakura Pigma Set – This set is really good: 6 Pigma Micron, 1 Pigma Brush and 1 Pigma Graphic. Micron pens are quite inexpensive, last for a really long time and have a great quality. Yes, they are a must have.
  3. A year subscription to Skillshare’s classes – Skillshare is an amazing place. It’s full of really good lessons and there are some of the best teachers out there.
  4. Lower case necklacesOk, this is not art related but it’s a nice gift for someone who’s really into typography/calligraphy/lettering. Etsy is full of this lovely necklaces. I’d love to have one with my initial, in cursive. (This one is from this gorgeous etsy shop)
  5. A light pad – Light pads (or light boxes) are great for tracing. They come in various size and brands; personally I’d love an Artograph one but as long as it works, it should be fine.
  6. Arches Aquarelle Watercolor Block  – This. Oooh, this. There are various size and textures, so before you buy it you might want to check what paper is best for your friend’s style.
  7. Pilot Parallel Pen Set – Parallel Pens are great tools for writing, especially traditional calligraphy. It’s handy to have various size of them (I’ve got only one size and sometimes it’s a bit big – or a bit small) and they are really easy to refill.
  8. Books – Let’s be honest, a book is always welcome. If it has a great cover, it’s even better! I’ve got the Little Book of Lettering which is full of amazing artist and, once you’ve done reading it, it looks really nice on a shelf! (Books in the picture: Hand To Type, Little Book of Lettering and Hand Lettering Ledger)

Hope it helps! Ciao ♥

Catching up

Dalai Lama quote

Here I am again, writing about how much I miss posting stuff here. I know, I’m a terrible blogger. Actually, I don’t consider myself a blogger at all.
Life has been difficult this past months. My mother passed away last month, and it’s kind of hard to create a new routine – a new life, actually.

Kurt Cobain Quote

Lucky for me, I’ve got tons of things to do.
One of them is the Quote of The Week for
Every week you will find a new hand lettered desktop wallpaper with an inspirational quote (witten by myself or other amazing girls). Oh, and they are free!









(Click on the images above to download the goodie bag with different versions of the quote!)


I’m working on opening an etsy shop. It’s a big step for me and I want to have everything ready as soon as possible.

George Burns quote

And speaking of big steps… Maybe it’s time to change something about this blog! I was thinking about changing a little bit my logo and the layout design.

Confucius Quote

I think it’s all for now.
Ciao e a presto! ♥

Joseph Chilton Pearce quote

Summer Recap

Ciao a tutti!

I didn’t write anything here for more than two months and I feel very bad about it.
I’m having one of the worst summer of my entire life so far, and though I’m trying my best to be strong, sometimes I just can’t do everything I want.
But there are many many rays of sunshine in these dark, painful days, and I’m very grateful for them.

Calligraphy and hand lettering are a great way to make me feel better, along with watching Friends and talking about make up and other silly things.

When I was 6 I was totally obsessed with Sailor Moon. I had everything Sailor Moon related: posters on my bedroom wall, backpack for the school, stationery, clothes, gadgets and even a costume. Now that Sailor Moon Crystal is out, the obsession is back, and I’m currently reading the manga. Still love it like 19 years ago.

Happy Birthday Harry
Speaking of obsession, while Sailor Moon was a great part of my childhood, Harry Potter was the biggest addiction of my adolescence. And well, I admit it still is.
I’ve made this on the 31st of July. I wrote with black ink on very thin white paper, googled “Hogwarts”, used the picture as a backlit background and take a picture with my phone. Definitely try this again with different patterns.

Yep, still Harry Potter quote.

Mumford & Sons are one of my favourite group ever. I love their lyrics. This is just a humble tribute.

Everyone has a struggle
Quick sketch while I was at my boyfriend’s home in Rome, after a very long and hard day.

odio l'estate
“I hate summer” in Italian. I was never a big summer lover, I don’t like hot temperatures and I always feel tired. But this year is just unbearable.

Robin Williams
I love Robin Williams movies really much. I wish I could say something wise about his death, but I can’t without sounding really cheesy.

Have a great week! ♥

Weekend practice

I’ve spent this weekend at home, and it wasn’t a happy one.
I had plenty of time to practice with traditional calligraphy and to work on a little project with watercolors – which requires a lot of refining in Photoshop so I can’t share it with you yet.

I always feel guilty when I don’t use my parallel pen for a long time, because it’s really a great pen and it deserves to be used more often!



I want to share this even if there are some mistakes because it clearly show that you always need to estimate how much space you have left before writing: I create something that makes me laugh (I’m easily entertained, I know…). “One ring to rule the mall” is a great catchphrase for a jewellery store in a mall, but it’s not what it was written in Lord of The Rings!

HP quote

I wanted to try something new. This is one of my favourite quotes of Harry Potter books; I’ve mixed an uncial inspired script with a cursive similar to my actual handwriting.

sneak peek


And this is a sneak peek of my watercolor project! It’s something about summer for now, but I think I’ll do a series for every season!

Hope you like it! ♥



Ciao a tutti!

Here in Italy it’s already summer and, for a fall-winter lover like myself, it means that it’s too hot to function.
I must admit that June is not that bad, because the nights are quite cool and you can go out without sweating like you’re walking on a volcano.

Fresh fruits and iced water make everything more tolerable though, so this is my humble tribute to them. 😀

summer time


Ciao a tutti!

I was doodling with my new set of brushes and I did this quick sketch to brighten up my mood a bit.
Hope to be back soon with more calligraphy projects!



Hope you like it! ♥


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